New Innovative Multi-Functional Electric Vacuum Ventosa Hijama Rechargeable Moxa Cupping Tool with a Customized Logo from AcheFly


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Achefly Customized Logo New Innovative Multi-functions Electric Vacuum Ventosa Hijama Rechargeable Moxa Cupping Tool , Find Complete Details about Achefly Customized Logo New Innovative Multi-functions Dynamic Ventosa Hijama Electric Vacuum Rechargeable Moxa Cupping Tool Neck and Shoulder Pain Professional Physiotherapy Muscle Pain Stiffness encouraging blood flow Lymphatic Drainage Machine, Moving Cupping Massager in Physiotherapy Fascia Terapija Stagnation Trigger Point Sports and health care recovery



strong crash resistance

: negative pressure design & anti-drop cord ring setting

for reducing risks of falling down. the product is optimized to prevent from breaking.


high convenience

: portable and lightweight, easy to carry.

put it in your travel bags

so you can use for alleviating muscle soreness

and fatigue whenever and wherever you want.


intelligent timing control

: the cupping device is used for 10 minutes each time,

alleviating muscle soreness and promoting blood circulation. a 10-minute period

of treatment can effectively relieve your body pain while avoiding the skin damage

when the device stays on skin for too long.


used anywhere

: the cupping device can be used on many parts of

your body such as

neck, shoulders, back, legs and so forth. you can use it


your traffic or travel. it also

applies to indoor activities such as office work or gym fitness.


simple operation system

: five buttons to control all functions of

power on/off,

different cupping modes, ems therapy, red light therapy, suction tension,

heat therapy,

blue-tooth remote control and vibration. display screen can demonstrate

the device status of power and working.


strong using effects

: benefit by its multi-function, it gets better treatment

compared to traditional cupping tool. you are able to simultaneously experience

many treatments like ems therapy, heat, breathing cupping and so forth.

more importantly, you can use it without guidance from a professional person.

main features of the device

u25cf ems therapy

u25cf heat therapy

u25cf timing control

u25cf smart cupping

u25cf multi-functional

u25cf red light therapy

u25cf high convenience

u25cf tropical negative pressure

u25cf releasing your body pain.

u25cf stretching up soft tissues.

u25cf increasing the metabolism.

u25cf improving blood circulation.

u25cf alleviating muscle soreness.

u25cf increasing tissue temperature.

u25cf draining lymph & cellular debris.

u25cf moving stagnation of lactic acid.

q1: what is the moq for customized logo?

a1: moq of 500 pieces.

q2: what is the moq for customized packing (the color box)?

a2: moq of 1000 pieces.

q3: when i can not use this device?

a3: avoid using the device if you are pregnant or menstruating.

q4: why it cant suction?

a4: the cupping jar maybe loose. tighten it again will solve the problem.

q5: what is the battery capacity and duration?

a5: the charging time is about 3.5 hours, and the duration of the battery is

around 4 hours.

q6: what are the main functions of the product?

a6: this is a multi-functional massager, which can deeply relax the muscles soreness

and help you relieve the itching, stiffness and other conditions of muscles.

q7: do i need to put the device on an acupoints?

a7: not only the acupoints, it can be used in many parts of the body.

q8: does it relieve my pain?

a8: long-term use can alleviate your pain. it is a multifunctional physiotherapy device

which can dredge the meridians, reduce muscleu2019s tension, promote blood circulation.

only continuous cup will be effective.

q9: how often does a person cup in a day is appropriate?

a9: each body part shall not be used more than three times a day, and each time shall

not above 10 minutes.

Additional information

Place of Origin

Shenzhen China

Brand Name


Model Number



Multi-functional Cupping Massager




Cupping, EMS, Heating, Vibrating Suction

After-sale Service

Online technical support

Product Name

Intelligent Cupping Massage Machine


Brown, Rose-red


Electronic Stimulator Physical Therapy


Sport Recovery





Working Time

2-4 Hours

Charging time

3.5 Hours


Color Box


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