Low frequency impulse tens body waist reflexology foot massager 2021 Best Seller


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ems abdominal muscle massager


nano mist sprayer


1.this apparatus has 25 kinds of massage modes,each massage mode can analyze fat and eliminate toxin with pertinence,and effectively massage and physical therapy to the reflected areas of sole;

2.99 kinds of electromagnetic waves intensity will arrive at your required ideal result in proper sequence;

3.with 8 piece electrode pasters on your body optionally to points massage,will effectively cure shoulder ache,and eliminate the redundant fat of back, legs,waist and arms;

4.operation is more easier and convenience for you by using remote controller;

5.with humanism microcomputer automatic control,all functions will be clear at a glance;focus on physical therapy,magnetism therapy and massage functions;

6.easy walk,begin to your feet,give care to feet, keep good health; aim at use,effect remarkable.

package list:

electrode connect wires * 1 pcs

electrode big sticker * 1 set

electrode small sticker * 3 set

slimming belt * 1 pcs

transformer * 1 pcs

remove controller * 1 pcs

color box*1

Additional information

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China

Brand Name


Model Number

W-101Z series


Foot Massager, Home use family health care products




wireless remote control, Low-frequency pulse function;Far infrared heating

After-sale Service

Return and Replacement

Product Name

electric pulse foot massager


foot massager machine for large feet

Massage Modes

25 Modes


99 Intensities



Massage area



Home Personal Massager

Power Supply

DC 24V Adaptor


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