Innovative Hot Trending New Products for 2021 Dual USB Car Air Purifier Charger


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new products 2021 innovative hot trending new products dual usb charger car air purifier

9th generation patented new product

2-in-1 car charger air purifier series

jo-6291 | jo-6291 etl version

your best choice for mini car air purifier.

protect against various air pollutants

by releasing 5.6 million pcs/cm3 negative ion & a safe amount of ozone (u22640.05ppm) , jo-6291 series can actively and effectively remove harmful airborne pollutants and allergens including:

dust, pollen, smoke, pm2.5, formaldehyde, benzene, vocs, bad odors and more.

powerful air purification

this air purifier series adopts multi-needlepoint ionization to achieve higher negative ion output and higher air purification efficiency.u00a0

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healthier air with high-density negative ions

negative ion exists in waterfalls, forests, seashores in high concentration. besides effectively purifying the air and preventing you inhaling the air pollutants, it has positive effects on humans physical & mental health.

dual usb ports car charger

not just clean air, it provides convenience to charge your phones and pads fast and safely.

purification with low power consumption.

the design of jo-6291 etl version comply with the strict requirements of carb. along with ce rohs fcc, it also has been etl and carb certifed with eo number, qualified for sale in california.


oem / odm service

certifications & patents

car charger air purifier jo-6291 series has been ce, rohs, fcc certified.

jo-6291 etl version is additionally with etl and carb certificates.

united states design patent no. us d878534 s

china design patent no. zl2017303783243 | china utility model patent no. 2017212917203

oem & odm

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Additional information

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China

Brand Name


Model Number





New Products 2021 Innovative Hot Trending New Products



Power consumption

less than 0.8 W


5V 2.1A

Anion Concentration

5,600,000 pcs/cm3

Ozone Concentration


Net weight

40 g


Silver; Copper


CE, RoHS, Fcc,Patent


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