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shown in front of our eyes are the acupoints of the back and the structure of the body.we can use our product for cupping according to this picture.

the back has the spine, which is the main channel of the central nervous system. there are many pairs of nerves distributed on both sides, which can transmit information to the brain and various tissues and cupping in the back, you can make wei qi cloth, so that qi and blood can run, confucian nourish the organs and organs, cheer up the functions of the organs, but also warm fur.adjust the balance of yin and achieve the purpose of eliminating diseases.can also dredge the meridians, adjust qi and blood, pore suction, so that the skin can also treat a variety of diseases.

acupoints connect the corresponding parts of the skin with the viscera through the meridians, so cupping can regulate the viscera, restore the operation of qi and blood, as well as the effect of swelling and analgesia, qi line is blood line, qi stagnation is

blood coagulation.through the stimulation of specific parts of cupping, it can cause the nerve reflex effect, promote the increase

of blood flow and the acceleration of blood circulation, so as to achieve the role of qi and blood circulation.

we can take it with us when we go out, and it is especially convenient to put it in our can use it whenever you want, wherever you are.

it is very convenient to use, the way of use is to stick to the skin can can be in close contact with our body, so as to play a better role and effect.

the principle of cupping is to use negative pressure to stimulate acupoints, to achieve the effect of treatment, is to use the negative pressure of the tank on the human body.each method has the characteristics of each method, such as acupuncture, with the

help of a needle through the acupoints directly on the vein, play the function of communication, regulating qi and blood, moxibustion is through hyperthermia to treat diseases.

tianjin crafts technology llc specialized in natural beauty stone tool,health care massager tools and decoration products.offer customized products, including jade facial roller,gua sha tool,rose quartz, yoni egg,etc.

our factory accepts oem orders for many products and product lines. with up-to-date technology and equipment, good raw materials,as well as low prices, high quality, short delivery time and considerable services.whats more, every production process with pass a strict quality control system. please believe your order will be with our prefect vip start-to-finish sales services.

q1. how can i get a sample ?

the sample can be free, and the freight will in charge of you. we have stock sample, after freight done, we will send out samples immediately.

q2: whatu2019s your production lead time ?

for custom goods, our production lead time is 25~30days after all details confirmed. if you can accept medium box, then lead time is 10~15days.

3: can you accept private label ?

1. yes, private label is available, we can customized as request.

2. we can engrave logo on the handle and print logo on the packaging.

3. we have design team, we can make design in free.

q4:is it 100% jade ? jade color and size exactly same as picture ?

jade material are 100% natural jade and handmade craft, so kindly allow color,texture and size difference.

q5:will the jade roller easy to drop off ?

not, itu2019s made of upgraded super integrated frame, no glued, no weled, come from one mould.

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High quality product polished bian stone guasha board


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