Electronic acupuncture treatment tool for Hwato Chinese Medicine with 6 channel muscle stimulator and SDZ-II nerve


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Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Tool Machine for Chinese Medicine with 6 Channel Muscle Stimulator and Sdz-ii Nerve, On Diazepharmacy.com, you can find out everything there is to know about Hwato Chinese Medicine Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument Machine With Sdz-ii Nerve And 6 Channel Muscle Stimulator, Acupuncture Machine, Acupuncture Needles, and Acupuncture from Guangzhou Hongde Cosmetic Co., Ltd.


product information

product name: electronic acupuncture apparatus

product model: sdz-ii

input power: 10.ova

use period: 5 years

output pulse frequency: 1-100hz

output current limit: asymmetric bidirectional pulse

output pulse waveform: <10a (250u03c9 load impedance)

volume: 235mm*175mm*50mm

weight: 1.5kg

package package: 1 x electronic acupuncture device


* 3 modes of continuous wave, intermittent wave and sparse and dense wave can be selected to enjoy real massage.

* 6 output ports, can massage 12acu points at the same time, support single person multi-acupuncture or multiple people use at the same time.

* the intensity is adjustable, the output intensity of each channel can be adjusted independently, and the heat dissipation is good.

* features low-voltage, low-frequency, bidirectional, operational output protection for particularly safe operation.

* the device outputs pulses in a very safe and efficient manner. has low voltage, low frequency and the same frequency range as the human body.


1. please read the manual carefully before use.

2. do not use it in places with flammable and explosive gases.

3. keep a certain distance from televisions, radios and other electrical equipment to avoid possible electromagnetic interference.

4. it cannot be used for pregnant women, patients with acute diseases, infectious diseases, malignant tumors, and heart disease.

5. the skin with scratches, abrasions and inflamed skin is forbidden.

q1: how can i get some samples?

a: we are pleased to offer you free sample, and you just need to bear overseas freight. contact me now.

q2: can i do my own brand in small quantities?

a: we accept small quantity oem orders providing that the bottle shape and product formula remain unchanged.

q3: can you make the private label skin care products?

a: we are an oem skin care manufacturer, and we can help you make custom fomula, label and packaging.

q4: how soon can i get my order after payment?


1. sample order time: about 3 to 7 days according to the complexity of the sample.

2. bulk order time: about 10 to 30 days depending on product order details.

3. if urgent, we can speed up the order as we are a manufacturer with our own factory.

q5: what is the delivery time?

a: below are the normal delivery time and the exact delivery time will be decided by the production season and customs clearance.

express: 3-10 days

air: 12-15 days

sea/rail: 15-45 days normally

Additional information

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China

Brand Name

SDZ-II Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument

Model Number





Body, Chinese Medical Acupuncture

Shelf Life


Quality Certification


Instrument classification

Class I

Safety standard


Product name

SDZ-II Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument



Size 2






Massage area



Health Care, Pain Relief


Electrotherapy Physical Stress Therapy Machine


Safe, Easy to Use


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