Coenzyme Q10 Gummies, 60 pieces, Natural Antioxidant Dietary Supplement, Strong Antioxidant for Heart and Vascular Health


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why you choose coq10 gummy?

1. delicious chewable gummies: coq10 gummies are a delicious alternative to pills. they contain 500 mg of coq10 for easy chewing and orange flavor.

2. coq10 for heart health: the heart that needs constant energy has high concentrations of coq10 in all tissues in the body. coq10 has been shown to help support healthy heart function. enjoy all the benefits of coq10 in easy-to-chew gummies

3. antioxidant: coenzyme q10 acts as an antioxidant that helps protect our cells from damage caused by damaging molecules called free radicals.

4. essential for energy production: coq10 plays an important role in energy production in the body. taking a coq10 supplement can help increase natural coq10 levels that are depleted by age and stress.

5. high absorption: coq10 gummies adopts water dispersion technology to provide ultra-high absorption

how to use ?

each time take 2 gummies , take it after meal , twice a day . chew well before swallowing

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Additional information


Promotion Development


Herbal Supplements

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China

Brand Name

GPGP greenpeople

Model Number


Dosage Form

Gummy Candy

Applicable People


Not Applicable People



take 3-5 capsules per day

Product Specification

60 gummies per bottle

Storage Method

dry and cool

Shelf life

2 Years


60 Gummies/bottle


1 Bottles


Customized Shape


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