ACS MAT Guide Massage Therapy Reflexology Magnetic Therapy Power Foot Health Deluxe Mats for Pain Relief


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acupressure uses reflexology to all types of health problems just by walking. the advanced acupressure magnetic power mat acts as

a holistic healer and focuses on the reflex points on the soles of the feet. it provides comfort and relaxation by inducing

pressure that massages your foot when you walk on it. these mats encourage mental peace, which in turn results in a healthy body.

our power mats are fitted with strong magnets, which help in improving blood circulation. – it consists of 22 bio magnets and

micro points charger. – the magnets improve blood circulation – it brings back life to your tired feet. – it keeps well human anti

disease power. the whole body remains active. power mat is acupressure pyramidal and magnetic therapy based exercise mat with

energy center in the middle of the mat. – stress reduction – improved circulation – stimulated nerve function – improved immune

system – increased energy.

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Zhejiang, China

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Foot Massager




EMS massage

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bio EMS pulse massage

6modes massage for feet

9 intensity levels massage

massage points on the foot

relax feet musles

mute massage


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