24 Piece Traditional Chinese Massage Magnetic Therapy Vacuum Cupping Cup Set New Arrival in 2021


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Finding complete details about 2021 New Arrival 24pcs Traditional Chinese Massage Magnetic Therapy Vacuum Cupping Cup Set,Silicone Cupping,Cupping Cups,Cupping Therapy from Guangzhou Hongde Cosmetic Co., Ltd. Supplier or Manufacturer on Diazepharmacy.com…



* benefits of using cupping therapy sets- cupping sets are used to relieve back, neck and leg pains by placing cups on

acupuncture points of your body, which helps loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, improve circulation, lower blood pressure, sedate the nervous system and much more.

* easy to use &reusable- the chinese cupping therapy set is easy to reuse and operate for home self-healing. use pressure easily to release the valve. clean skin thoroughly and remove body hair before cupping therapy . excessive body hair will result in weak suction. after cupping therapy there will be a variety of skin reactions.not worries, these bruises are usually painless and disappear within a few days of treatment.

durable, easy to use

strong, superior grade cupping set with pistolgrip suction pump gun, 24 cups. light,break-resisting and age-resisting plastic.

variety of cup sizes, plus a user manual containing diagrams, and application instructions.

suction cupping principals

it adopts a suction gun to produce a negative air pressure vacuum inside cups which have been placed on the skin. the suction works to release rigid soft tissues and muscles. the purpose of using cups in this way is to apply pressure for relaxation of muscles and overall promotion of well-being.

how to use

1.insert the small end of tube connector into the green rubber adapter connected to the pump.

2.insert the big end of connector tube into green rubber adapter and put it onto a cup body.

3.after installation,pull a trigger of the vacuum gun and check the air flow.

4.place the cup on a spot where treatment is needed, and pull the pump 2-3 times to reach the appropriate negative pressure.

5.after the body surface was pulled inside the cup, gently turn the cup left and right, then press cup piston down to prevent air leakage.

6.after the treatment cup can be removed by lifting a piston.

q1: how can i get some samples?

a: we are pleased to offer you free sample, and you just need to bear overseas freight. contact me now.

q2: can i do my own brand in small quantities?

a: we accept small quantity oem orders providing that the bottle shape and product formula remain unchanged.

q3: can you make the private label skin care products?

a: we are an oem skin care manufacturer, and we can help you make custom fomula, label and packaging.

q4: how soon can i get my order after payment?


1. sample order time: about 3 to 7 days according to the complexity of the sample.

2. bulk order time: about 10 to 30 days depending on product order details.

3. if urgent, we can speed up the order as we are a manufacturer with our own factory.

q5: what is the delivery time?

a: below are the normal delivery time and the exact delivery time will be decided by the production season and customs clearance.

express: 3-10 days

air: 12-15 days

sea/rail: 15-45 days normally

Additional information

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China

Brand Name

24pcs Therapy Vacuum Cupping Cup Set

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Body, Chinese Medical Acupuncture

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Instrument classification

Class I

Safety standard


Product name

24pcs Therapy Vacuum Cupping Cup Set



Size 2





Face Body Cupping Cup





Massage area



Body Massage


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